IN PHOTOS: Festival Showcase Day performances of Medal Kolon Datal in Cheonan World Dance Fest in Korea

Day 1, September 12, 2017

Koronadal City, South Cotabato’s Medal Kolon Datal Dance Group, the Philippines’ representative to Cheonan World Dance Festival, received a warm welcome from the leaders of Cheonan, Asan and Bucheon Cities in South Korea as they perform in the said locations together with other country teams.

The welcome ceremony in the morning of Day 1 was graced by the Cheonan City Mayor and Cheonan Foundation of Arts Chairman. The leaders and group leaders exchanged tokens as welcome gifts and for courtesy. Team MKD gave a Land of the Dreamweavers resin-made plaque with artworks representing South Cotabato’s tri-people and its trademark destinations.

In the afternoon, the group then traveled via a private bus to Asan City, 2 hours away from Cheonan, the base location, to perform in the public park in front of the locals. Clapping, cheers and all sounds of awe can be heard as the locals and other participants watched different performances from foreign countries.

The loudest cheers were heard when Team Philippines / MKD performed the 10-minute B’laan piece, especially the part where the pregnant women danced until they gave birth to their babies.

In the evening, Bucheon Cultural Center in Bucheon (2.5 hours away) was filled with local viewers as the Set B countries, where MKD belongs, performed their 15-minute “Perlas” set. Other countries in the Set include Korea, Israel, Peru and Slovenia. MKD’s performance was a good conclusion for the evening show as it was again met with loudest cheers from the audience.

Here are some photos encapsulating the looong day that was Day 1, the Festival Showcase Day.





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