This Uplifting Ilonggo Song will be the Cover Piece of Ilonggo Pop 2!

After touching the hearts of Ilonggos with the life-affirming positive vibes of his song “Amo gid na ya”, Don Flores is back to launch another uplifting song that will become the cover piece of the Ilonggo Pop Album Dos!

Flores with the team of Musician’s Lair, the local music production group that produces the Ilonggo Pop album, will release on October 16, 2020 the song “Padayon lang”. The same event will also launch the much-awaited Ilonggo Pop Dos!

Flores’ song and Ilonggo Pop Dos will be released on October 16, 2020 and will be ushered by a launching party on Oct 15, 11pm.

Padayon Lang is a semi-finalist of Philpop 2020 Songwriting contest under Mindanao Cluster together with Kasadya, another Ilonggo entry by Christian Valeen Chiu, which got into the finals. Nine more songs from the same cluster made it to the contest.

Don Flores. Photo by Musician’s Lair

Padayon Lang means “just keep on going”, suggesting that whatever struggle one is experiencing he has just to push on, because the time for success will soon come. This song gives a hopeful vibe combining ethnic sounding elements with upbeat country sound.

The Padayon lang song is hoped to enter the top lists of the country’s hit releases. Flore’s Amo Gid Na Ya last year was #22 on Spotifyโ€™s Top Viral 50 All Genres. Amo Gid Na Ya was on that Chart for 2 weeks from February 4 to February 18, 2020. It’s unofficial video in Marbel Boy Facebook page has so far nearly 290,000 views.

Don Flores. Photo by Musician’s Lair

Ilonggo Pop meanwhile was successfully launched last year with its debut single Hinambalan by Christian Chiu as XT on Sax and EJ Parsacala. The first album got more than 320K streams on Spotify. Now, after a year, the second chapter of Ilonggo Pop will be heralded by Don Floresโ€™ new Single Padayon Lang.

The Ilonggo Pop Dos artists will also be guesting on Radyo Milenyo on Oct 16 9am, and on Happy FM at 3pm. The group will have an intimate launch at Organikian Garden and Cafe on October 17 from 6 to 10pm. You can find more details for the launch on the Musiciansโ€™ Lair Facebook Page.

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