IN PHOTOS: Medal Kolon Datal’s Opening Day Experience | Cheonan World Dance Festival

The contest proper for Cheonan World Dance Festival has yet to start. It will be starting on September 15. As the participants, including our very own Medal Kolon Datal (MKD), get ready for the contest days, their days are still filled with practice, practice and practice.

More during the day, there were hauling of heavy props materials from bus to venue and back.
Mingling with other participants.
More practice.
Trying more Korean food in a local resto.

The day ended with a grand opening ceremony that was well-attended by locals and visitors. The program was brief and neatly organized.The country representatives were presented to the Cheonan public last September 13 in the opening ceremony.
Check out some photos of day 2 experience of MKD in the CWDF.


More practice




Mingling with other participating country reps


The Opening Night!

MKD korea cheonan-0066MKD korea cheonan-0073MKD korea cheonan-0141MKD korea cheonan-0180MKD korea cheonan-0200MKD korea cheonan-0224MKD korea cheonan-0227MKD korea cheonan-0232MKD korea cheonan-0235MKD korea cheonan-0262MKD korea cheonan-0276MKD korea cheonan-3240MKD korea cheonan-3241MKD korea cheonan-3242



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