Photoblog: Portraits of Bangsamoro Women Community Peacekeepers

Rabiya Kusan and Alfarlyn Binansilan of Labu-labu Women’s Association of Datu Hofer, Maguindanao

Under the new Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, leaders were able to develop the Bangsamoro Regional Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security or the BM-RAPWPS 2020-2022. This is part of its commitment of BARMM to empower and protect the rights of every women and children under the new political entity.

This development requires the updating of the action plans of the provinces to sustain local good practices for women and to harmonize all related activities to the regional plan, and to capacitate LGUs and agencies on the key steps in developing a local action plan on Women, Peace and Security.

With this, the UNWOMEN took the lead together with Bangsamoro Women’s Commission to gather the key agencies in BARMM to convene to develop local action plans, hence the Developing Local Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security workshop was held in Lake Sebu last November 26 to 28.

In the community level, efforts to sustain peace involving women are also on the rise. UNWOMEN also led in capacitating 20 Bridging Khalifa women to be able to facilitate social interaction and dialogue between different groups in their respective communities for collective resolution and transformation of conflicts and building greater peace.

Through the workshop, women participants were able to discuss and identify the underlying causes and effects of violent conflicts affecting their villages. They also learned about the correct ways to initiate and conduct conflict mediation. The same group also drafted a plan for implementation in their respective communities.

So much for empowering the women of Bangsamoro. But, this is just the start. I’m happy to know there are agencies like UNWOMEN that gives value to the rights of every Filipino women and children.

Sharing here some of the portraits of Women Leaders from BARMM who are leading the way for the empowerment of Bangsamoro Women and in settling conflicts for lasting peace in their respective communities.

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