6 Musicians from Marbel that you need to be listening to in 2021!

If you’re into music, these guys and their songs should be on your playlist. Not only are they super talented when it comes to their music, they are also advocates of promoting the local talents by advancing the use of local dialect and by giving color to local cultures.

XT on Sax

Christian Valeen Chiu, professionally known as XT on Sax, brings out the soul of songs using his saxophone, be it a remix of your pop or romantic favorites or his original compositions.

XT had the spotlight on him last year when his Ilonggo song “Kasadya” was considered as among the Top 15 in Philpop songwriting Festival 2020 and one of the 3 winners from Mindanao! He bagged the People’s Choice Award for Mindanao in that contest.

You got to listen to “Hinambalan” and “Kasadya” to know how playful XT can get with his brass sax.

XT is part of the Matcha Band with members that all hail from Marbel. He spearheaded the Ilonggo Pop, a gathering (that turned into a movement) of brilliant Ilonggo artists from South Cotabato.

Follow him through his official Fan Page here: XT on Sax | Facebook

Listen to his Kasadya song on YouTube here:

Don Flores

You might have already heard of the song “Amu gid na ya”, a very heartwarming Ilonggo song that we all need to listen to for some emotional upliftment in these trying times. It was written and sung by Don Flores who juggles life as a law student and as a musician.

Don’s songs have positive messages and it matches well with his gentle and boyish voice.

Watch out for Don’s next single to be released very soon on Musicians’ Lair Facebook page.

Follow his music through his page here: Don Flores | Facebook

Watch the video of his song “Amo gid na ya”here:

EJ Parsacala

EJ Parsacala turns boring wedding programs into romantic shows whenever she holds the microphone and gets on the stage. You might have already heard her sing in local festivals as a guest performer. She is also a frequent guest to government events and theme videos.

He’s also one of the singers in the Ilonggo Pop album which launched the Mindanaoan Ilonggo to the music scene. When she sings, it’s like as Ilonggo says, “daw ginaduyan ka.” You got to hear the song Hinambalan by XT on Sax which features EJ Parsacala to know what I mean:

Watch her perform live almost everyday on her page: EJ Parsacala Music Page | Facebook


Natnat leads the “Turtle community”, a virtual group of followers of his music and those who believe in the messages of his songs. Some of his songs may sound cool but are actually filled with messages of social concerns. You got to hear “Nonoy sa Alunan” for the “sample”. The song is about Nonoy, a mentally challenged street tramp who has become an icon of Alunan Avenue in Koronadal City, and the perception of the society towards the people him.

Follow Natnat’s music journey through his page: NATNAT | Facebook

Listen to his latest jam about starting anew in life, here:

Jay-ar Vano

Jay-ar to some is a jovial vlogger doing the usual “pranks” while shooting in the streets of Koronadal. But with the mic on, he becomes the serious dude who can also deliver the high tones required in his song pieces. He shared the spotlight with XT on Sax when they were included in the Top 15 of Philpop Songwriting Festival 2020 as the song interpreter.

Did you know that he can also turn into a ramen chef in a snap? Jay-ar owns and cooks for the Itadakimasu Ramen House in San Antonio Phase 2 in Koronadal.

Follow his music journey through his page here: Jay-ar Vaño | Facebook

Watch his interpretation of the song Nobela with XT on Sax and Lanz Larona here:

Marvin Blue Corpuz

If you haven’t heard of Marvin Blue Corpus’ songs yet, chances are you have already heard some of his compositions in theme songs of festivals, official theme songs of malls or of local government units in Region-12.

Marvin is all over the place making good music for a living. How’s that for your passion as your job?

Follow Marvin’s music journey through his page here: Marvin Blue Corpus Music Page | Facebook

Listen to his english-tagalog jam here:

Do you know any more local artists that should be on our next list? Tell us in the comment section.

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