Green Fibre Automation & Security Solutions set to automate homes and offices in Marbel

Green Fibre Automation and Security Solutions, your reliable home comfort and security technology provider, is ready to conquer Marbel!

The software and IT firm with expertise in providing home automation and security solutions services like CCTV installations, biometrics, networking, hotel automation, retail systems, hotel systems, and software development, officially opened today, June 08, 2017.


The firm, owned by Bastes family based in Koronadal, aims to provide automation and security solutions that are energy efficient and have the least carbon footprints, hence the word Green.

Some samples on demo today, their launching day, was sending voice command to a software to open the blinds of a window, play specific playlists or songs via Spotify, changing light tones of living room light and their powerful CCTV that can capture clear photos and videos from a location a few kilometers away.


Glen Bastes, the owner of Green Fibre.

The firm has already installed several automation setups in homes in Koronadal like automatic door and windows opener and light switches remotely controlled in mobile apps, IP CCTVs that can be monitored via mobile phones and voice command/controlled home devices.

Green Fibre is located at the commercial space outside Villa Amor Hotel. Visit their website for more info.

More photos below of the store blessing.





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