Poll Result: Ogena Vs. Pingoy for Mayor | May 2019 Elections

Let’s see who won in our pre-election poll for Mayor in Koronadal between incumbent Vice-Mayor Eliordo “Bebot” Ogena and former Governor of South Cotabato Arthur “Dodo” Pingoy if the May 2019 elections were held on the poll dates?
Here’s the result:

Of the 1,700 + voters, 1100+ voted for Pingoy and 529 voted for Ogena. This gives the lead to Pingoy with 69%. Ogena got a share of 31%. 

The poll reached 11,916 Facebook users and engaged 3,540 users (through clicks, likes, views and comments). 

For this Poll, Pingoy got the lead with a big margin. However, this does not and will not automatically reflect the would-be turnout of the election this coming May 2019. The following were considered for this statement:
  • All those who participated here are only those with Facebook accounts.
  • Not all who participated in the poll are confirmed voting residents of Koronadal (as anyone living anywhere can actually participate as long as they are on FB).
  • Not all who participated in the poll could be registered voters.
However, the comments section says a lot about the perceptions of the people about the candidates.
We would like to clarify that Marbel Boy page is a non-partisan gateway blog. All activities in this site and social media page are not controlled by and do not mean to promote any politician or party.
This poll in particular was conducted to get the pulse of the people and start discussions about the candidates and their platforms of government, if there are any.
Here are the screenshots of the result of the poll:




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