Our Oh beloved Homegrown Pizza House is back | Oh Pizza Den!

Oh Pizza Den’s pizzas used to be my favorite pair for beer when they were still at Famville’s Food and Bar Alley at EMR Center. Their solo servings were my choice too when I wanted something to munch during coffee sessions at iRock Cafe along Gensan Drive. But some good things come to an end. Famville and iRock are now closed.
But good things must really come back! And Oh Pizza Den deserves this chance!
oh pizza den marbel boy 11
When I had a chance to visit their new location and try out their new set of pizza and snacks menu, it was an excitement overload! Oh Pizza Den is back with a promise of the same crave-worthy but affordable pizzas and better and faster service!
They are now located in a homey building at Pantua St. near the corner of Lapu-lapu St. (the place used to host a Pastil Resto). Check the photos for the landmarks.
oh pizza den marbel boy7
oh pizza den marbel boy 9
Settled just 3 blocks from the back gate of Notre Dame of Marbel University, the new location can accommodate up to 15 people inside and another 15 or more in their 3 outdoor cottages. For a more private pizza moment, they have a small room good for 5 persons.
Pizza Goodness! 
Being a seafood lover, my favorite pie from Oh Den is the Eastern Pizza.  A serving has generous amount of Oh Pizza Den’s sauce, tuna flakes, raisins, onions and Mozzarella cheese!  Solo, regular and family sizes can be sliced according to your liking. I like it divided into 8 even if I’m eating it alone.
oh pizza den marbel boy 2
oh pizza den marbel boy 3
Some of their bestsellers include Pizza Germania, one with slices of mushrooms and Mozzarella cheeze, and American Pizza with pineapples, chicken ham and lots of cheese! You can even watch as the baker prepares your pizza. That’s something you would surely love to be an audience of while waiting.
oh pizza den marbel boy 5oh pizza den marbel boy 6oh pizza den marbel boy 10oh pizza den marbel boy 12
oh pizza den marbel boy14
The trademark Buffalo Wings of Oh Den is also back with spicier take on the chicken favorite. You can also say also hello once again to their meaty pancit canton, a classic snacks hit loaded with more chicken gizzard and liver and cooked Oh Den style.
oh pizza den marbel boyoh pizza den marbel boy4oh pizza den marbel boy8oh pizza den marbel boy13
Visit the place and see and have a taste for yourself of their good ol’ pies and snackies. Oh Den Pizza is open from 9AM till 9PM. []

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