LOOK: This is how the interior of Bo’s Coffee Koronadal will look like

The homegrown coffee shop that we’ve all been waiting for will finally open in Marbel on April 18! As the day gets nearer, let’s take a look at the artist’s perspective of what the inside of Bo’s Coffee Koronadal is going to be!

The interior that sets the mood for a caffeinated stay.

Bo’s Coffee is proud of its Filipino roots and it makes sure its business supports the local industries. With this, it makes sure everything in the design of its stores represents the Filipino culture and is made by Filipinos. In fact, all of its raw materials from coffee to pastries to every bits of interiors are all proudly made by Filipinos! That’s creating positive social impact by empowering local social enterprises, Bo’s way.

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As I’ve mentioned on the first blog about Bo’s Coffee Koronadal, the store boasts of its quaint interiors and furniture sets made with indigenous natural materials. Its alleys will be lit with industrial lamps designed by world renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

Its lounge chairs are from hand-woven fabrics sourced from local weaving communities and made by one of its partner social enterprises, ANTHILL Fabric Gallery.

READ: Finally! Bo’s Coffee Koronadal City to start brewing on April 18!

Proudly Filipino-made handwoven fabrics will adorn the chairs. There will be tables available to accommodate solo stays and for groups.
Quaint interior with modern Filipino texture that makes Bo’s Coffee shops unique. 

Aside from the 57 seats indoors, Bo’s Koronadal also reserves 12 seats in its Al Fresco section for that outdoor feel.

Bo’s Coffee Koronadal is conveniently located along Alunan Avenue corner of Mabini St., beside Riavin Gas Station fronting Protech Center.

So, what do you think? This excites you, I know. I guess, I’ll just see you there on the 18th!

bos coffee location
bos new opening date

READ: Finally! Bo’s Coffee Koronadal City to start brewing on April 18!

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