Travel and update your social media like a boss – Get a SMART plan for as low as Php399, or data as much as 36GB!

In this age where traveling and social media usage (and pairing the two) is on its peak, there are two things that are considered as essentials: a smart phone and a good internet connection OR a reliable and much bigger data allocation for data users! We need these to post updates on our social media accounts for friends, families and followers to know where we are and what we are up to.

But, the second one usually becomes the downside especially when we have a lesser data allocation. Worry no more, traveler, SMART has come to the rescue!


In their new promo, you can build your very own Smart Postpaid Plan for as low as P399! Awesome, yeah? This makes me want to upgrade my current data plan!

The revamped Smart Postpaid Plans start with baseline subscriptions that come with superfast Smart LTE Postpaid SIM and bigger data volume. Even better, each plan comes with built-in features, such as unlimited texts to all networks; all minutes to all networks; and free access to Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp every month. Talk about travel updating!

You also have the option to add a handset to your postpaid plan, or subscribe to more services for a truly convenient build-your-own-plan experience perfect for your mobile lifestyle.

Bigger and smarter travel lifestyle

“We understand that we all have diverse mobile lifestyles, which is why we boosted our new postpaid offers with more data and made it a lot easier for subscribers to build and customize the perfect plan for their needs,” said Patrick Tang, Head of Smart Postpaid.

Smart’s new offers start at Plan 399, which now comes with 3GB data (up from the previous 1 GB data), followed by Plan 599 with 5GB data (up from 4GB), and Plan 799 with 8GB data (up from 7GB).

Smart also offers Plan 999 with monthly 10GB data; Plan 1499 with 18GB data; Plan 1999 with 24GB data; Plan 2499 with 30GB data; and Plan 2999 with 36GB data – each with built-in call minutes to all networks, unlimited texts to all networks, and free access to Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp every month. That’s a lot of updates you can do to your social media accounts and blogs!



Enjoy the fastest LTE speeds! Fastest, yeah!

With a Smart Postpaid Plan, you can also experience the country’s fastest LTE speeds, according to the latest report of OpenSignal, which used real-world app tests.

Through its aggressive LTE network rollout and constant improvements, Smart is also gearing up to deliver even faster, more reliable and higher quality mobile services all over the country, making sure you can stay in touch with your loved ones all the time, regularly update your favorite social media accounts on the fly, and keep up with your mobile activities – from accessing your work files, streaming the latest hit songs, catching up with the day’s viral videos, to playing top mobile games anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy a much bigger travel and mobile lifestyle now by getting a new Smart Postpaid Plan! Head to the nearest Smart Store or visit for more information.

See you on the road!




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