This old photo of Marbel will make you wish it’s 1995 again

The modern Marbel city (Koronadal City) is way different now compared to what it was 20 years ago. Of course, we take the road of progress and development and our population increases in time. But traffic is heavier now, there are lesser greens in the surroundings, posters and billboards abound the city center.

A photo posted recently by a Marbelenio who witnessed the heydays of simpler Marbel gained online attention. The photo shows the time in Marbel when there was lesser traffic and everything seemed classic.

marbel koronadal 1995
Marbel circa 1995

Dr. Dennis de Guzman, an anesthesiologist, posted a nostalgic photo of Marbel circa 1995 with a caption: “Ca. 1995. When life in Koronadal was simple. No jollibee, no traffic, no malls, etc.”

Ah, nostalgic, ain’t it? Wouldn’t you want to be taken back to this moment? 🙂



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