T’nalak Festival 2016 (Golden Year) Schedule of Events

South Cotabato’s most colorful celebration, the Tnalak Festival, promises to give a grand celebration this year as the province also celebrates its 50th foundation anniversary!

(c) Marbel Boy / ANP

Tnalak Festival commemorates the renowned T’nalak weaving, a traditional masterpiece of the Tboli weavers with unique geometric patterns made of intensely colored abaca fibers and the spirit of unity and dynamism among the people of South Cotabato amidst cultural and religious differences.

Marbel, the province’s lone city, will be the center of the Golden Year revelry and surely all roads will lead here from the opening to the colorful day of the culmination. 

T’nalak Festival opens on July 10 and culminates with the parade of colors, music and jubilation on the 18th. This year’s theme is “Sharing our Best with the World”.

tnalak tboli south cotabato
(c) Marbel Boy / ANP

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So, what’s up for this grand celebration?  Here is the T’nalak Festival Calendar of Events:

50th Foundation Anniversary and 17th T’nalak Festival of the Province of South Cotabato

July 10-18, 2016

tnalak 1
 Posters by South Cotabato ACTS Office


tnalak 3

tnalak 2



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