Marbel Tricycle Jokes – Part 1 and 2

Remember the tricycle jokes we posted before? Well, apparently those were some of the most popular of all our contents on our  Facebook page. We know why. It’s because we all can relate to the jokes directly or indirectly.

We are collating the first and second set of Marbel tricycle jokes we posted and sharing it here in our blog. Share away to your friends!  Cheers!

Got more tricycle jokes? Tell us on the comment section below.

Part 2 

trike meme y

trike meme x

trike meme r

Part 1

trike meme2

trike meme r

trike meme 3


P.S.: The jokes don’t mean to harm any sector or person. This is just for fun and maybe for added discussion. Cheers!

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