Marbel Darter Ian Perez is top Pinoy player for 1st quarter 2016

The National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) recently  announced its 2016 first quarter player ranking and Marbel’s Christian “The Titan” Perez is on the top of the list. 

dart ian perez
Photo from NDFP fb page

According to NDFP,  Perez tops the National Player Ranking at the end of the 1st Quarter of 2016 with 586 points. This comes as a good news as Perez could once again get the NDFP Darter of the Year which he last got in 2014 with 314 points.

In the same year he got the national title, Perez was also the Philippine Qualifier to the World Darts Championship in London. Perez won the preliminary round and became the only Filipino player to have won a match in the World Darts Championships. It was his second since 2009.

More about Ian Perez’ achievements in my previous blog HERE: Marbel Portraits: Ian Perez, World Class Darts Player

To view complete 1st Quarter 2016 Men’s Ranking Results, click on:

To view complete 1st Quarter 2016 Ladies’ Ranking Results, click on

christian perez philippine dart koronadal 3

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