download 2 movies for just P15 on iflix

Here’s one great news for the movies buffs: you can now download 2 full length movies of your choice for only 15 pesos! Thanks to Smart’s new promo, the Smart Big Bytes 15!


#SmartBigBytes 15 is a new offer that enables you to fully experience the Smart Life by changing the way you consume and watch videos by providing access to iflix’s huuuuge library of content for just P15 by downloading it on their your devices.

Smart Prepaid’s Big Bytes 15 also includes 40MB which you can use for your social needs. That’s a very affordable and more accessible way to watch your fave movies! Thanks to Smart Big Bytes 15!

This promo runs until Feb 15, so hurry hurry! Register to BB15 and try the new seamless experience of using iflix with Smart!

Here’s a step-by-step procedure in accessing iflix:


Click here for more details about this rare promo: to

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