In Photos: Hinugyaw Festival 2016

It was the brightest and noisiest night in the city center. Thousands of people were gathered at the brightened Koronadal rotunda (roundball) that Sunday evening. The deafening drumbeats once again filled the air and it was complemented by stomps of hundreds of performers.

It’s the culmination night of Hinugyaw Festival which is also the 76th foundation anniversary of Koronadal City formerly called Marbel.

The mood fits the literal meaning of the festival name which comes from the word hugyaw, a Hiligaynon term for merrymaking.  Children clad in colorful indigenous and folk costumes set the momentum of the celebration. When the street performers were called, history and colorful stories that contributed to what Koronadal is today were narrated in euphoric beats and heavy dances.

More than the beats and the dances, the street revelry is a history lesson in itself telling of the lives of the different ethnic groups (mostly of Christian pioneer settlers, the Maguindanaoan and the indigenous Blaan people) that inhabited Koronadal valley in the heart of South Cotabato province.

The following photographs capsulize the night that was during the Hinugyaw Festival 2016 culmination:

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5767

The city LGU’s very own Hinugyaw Cultural Dance Troupe

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5774
It was the first time the closing celebration was held at the round ball area.

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5781

Oh, the Hinugyaw vibe.

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5793
Deafening beats makes you high!

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5800

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5809
The sequence narrating the struggle of Maguindanaoan people to preserve their land
hinugyaw festival koronadal-5813
This shot invites me to return to the streets and be inundated by the Hinugyaw vibe again.

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5829

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5831
Twinkle, twinkle Marbel stars!

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5834


hinugyaw festival koronadal-5848

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5852

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5859-2

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5908
Dancing the story of the Blaans in the bountiful Koronadal valley
hinugyaw festival koronadal-5920
The most powerful of all performances was the one which portrayed the struggles of the settlers against the Japanese conquerors!
hinugyaw festival koronadal-5922
Albert Morrow performance to the highest level

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5924

hinugyaw festival koronadal-5945
No post-processing effects here. Just pure fun with the camera and the dancing!
hinugyaw festival koronadal-5953
Mabuhay Koronadal! Til the next Hinugyaw Festival!


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