Relive the songs of the 90s: Free Concert at 99 Brewery

Nirvana. Suede. Foo Fighters. Pearl jam. Radiohead. Green Day. REM. Sound Garden. The Smashing Pumpkins. Blind Melon. Third Eye Blind! You know them all because you are a rocking kid of the 90s!


For the 90’s kid like me, there’s no better music than the ones from the decade we started learn how to fall in love, to learn petty vices, to rock the parties, to rock and roll ’til dawn!

Ninety-Nine Brewery, Marbel City’s newest and foremost gathering venue of cool people, is holding a concert for FREE to relive the music of the 90s! Scarecrow band is going to take charge of the stage for the night!


Come early on November 21 to make sure you get a seat! 99 Brewery will Make sure you get a cold beer and all the best drinks you could find!

Ninety-nine Brewery is located at Alunan Avenue, Zone 3, in front of the provincial Capitol! See you there!


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